Gauri Naik, SAT Student, Dunstable, MA:

“ShineIn Math is an amazing place to learn — the teachers and environment is great and friendly. I take SAT classes and my scores have improved so much in such short time: around 200 points or more. I really think that without these classes, I would have scored less on the SAT than I actually did. It’s an excellent place to learn and the teachers are very smart, and extremely willing to help the students learn”

Shan Srinivas, Senior At Austin Prep:
“I have been with ShineIn Math since its inception at Dwarakamai Temple. Throughout the years, Madhavi has shaped me into an incredibly capable math student who has excelled at school as a direct result of her instruction. But the most impressive and obvious impact she has had on my abilities as a student is evident through her SAT instruction. In just 1 and a half months, Madhavi improved my score in just the SAT Math section by nearly 100 points. Her assistant also helped improve my English score by nearly 100 points. In just 1 month of instruction, if she was able to improve a score by that much, I can’t help but wonder if I could have got a perfect SAT score with just few months more of instruction. I have always greatly appreciated Madhavi’s teaching throughout my middle and high school career, but the cherry on top is the SAT score which she helped me achieve. ShineIn Math Academy is a great institution that can and will provide help for any student in need of assistance, in addition to providing students with more of an academic challenge on top of what they already do at school. If I could give ShineIn Math more than a 5 star review, I would!” 
Nithya Velmurugan, Parent, Billerica:
“My daughter and son both attended the SAT classes here to result in fantastic results on their SAT math scores, what more could you ask for?”
Jyothi Akkineni, Parent, Nashua, NH:
“I’m impressed by Madhavi ‘s (Teacher/Owner of Shinein Math) honest and sincere effort that she puts into each and every child to improve their mathematical skills. She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her profession.”
 Sameera Jangala, Student :
“I have been a student at Shine In Math since second grade. The academy has instilled love for math in me and has improved my performance in the classroom greatly. I am now a High School Freshman and taking Honors Pre calc . I highly recommend these classes to both students who are struggling with math and who want to improve as well.”
Saloni Khosla, Student, Andover , MA:
“An excellent place to learn! I have improved a lot ever since I started here… same applies to my brother(who is in 5th grade doing 8th grade math)! Teachers are engaging and along with that simply inspiring. I would highly recommend ShineIn Math because it really allows people to expand their learning abilities, interests and deep love for math!!!!!!!”
Pankhuri Singhal, Faculty at Shine In Academy: 
“I am currently one of the English course instructors at ShineIn Math Academy and was also one of Madhavi’s (Owner/Founder) first students at ShineIn Math Academy. Madhavi helped me improve my understanding of Calculus, Trigonometry, and Algebra II. She is a phenomenal instructor, she really knows her math and science and can convey it in an easy to understand, intuitive manner. She is exceptionally patient and truly wants her students to succeed. She provides the best tools for success in the classroom by thoroughly selecting problem sets to enhance conceptual understanding yet providing a challenge for students to grow on the path to mastery. As a current instructor myself and a former student, I see firsthand the dedication all teaching staff at ShineIn Math Academy have for their student’s to succeed. Excellent school with top notch courses taught in an innovative and stimulating environment, I cannot recommend it enough.”
 Pam and Luis, from Burlington, Massachusetts:

“We first met Madhu when my daughter was in need of calculus one-on-one help. She helped her prepare for every test, and assisted with homework review. Madhu is a gifted teacher that cares about her students and goes above and beyond what is expected. She never uses negative criticism, but rather lets her soft manner build confidence in her students. She was also understanding of scheduling issues with our daughter. Now that our daughter is taking calculus in college, she feels confident and prepared for the material. I highly recommend her classes and tutoring sessions.”

Annamalai V., Parent, Billerica:

“Shinein Math offers a highly successful math tutoring. Both of my kids are studying in Shinein Math, my son from High School and daughter from middle school. I highly recommend Shinein Math for any student interested in getting ahead with their mathematics or SAT studies. They provide a great service and are dedicated to helping each student reach his/her potential. Shinein Math provides an exemplary environment for students seeking to excel in mathematics. When going to the Shinein Math, one learns certain concepts that they simply do not teach you at school. Shinein Math is definitely worth the investment and time. If you are looking to succeed in math, and even go above and beyond the average, this is the place for you”.

Samantha K., Student, Lexington:

“Shine in Math has been a wonderful experience for me. I have tried many different math training centers and learning facilities but i feel that ShineIn Math is by far the greatest. I take both Geometry and Algebra II. I feel that it is necessary to have an interactive and talkative class in order to learn what the subject material teaches us. Questions, thoughts, and ideas are processed into a learning ability that will help me and other students for years to come.”

 Marcelo L., Parent, Burlington:

“My son Max Lechner attends 5th grade at Fox Hill Elementary School in Burlington,MA. In early August, we decided to enlist Max in a math academy because we were aware of his poor understanding of basic math facts and we wanted to be sure that he could finish 5th grade at proper level. Soon after he started we noticed a big change in his attitude, the people from ShineIn worked on his strength to make him feel that the effort was really worth it and then, when Max was ‘there’, they expanded into homework and more challenging work”.

Hemali P., student, Woburn:

“I look forward to SAT class every week. I always learn at least one, if not more, thing that improves my math skill. Everything I learned at ShineIn Math Academy was crucial for the perfect 800 I received on the SAT math level two exam.”

 Glorianne N., Parent, Billerica:

“I am an engineer and my husband was a teacher and when our son Daniel started to have trouble with math we were sure we could address it if we just spent the time. The trouble was finding enough time when we weren’t exhausted from a hectic day to have the patience needed to help him with math. I decided to try Shine In math for their free session and see how Daniel would respond. I assumed he would be grumpy about it as he usually was with his homework but promised him if he didn’t like it he didn’t have to go again. I fully expected not to return. But that night he came home with a spring in his step and a proud little face and said he felt smart with his math tutor and that he wanted to go back. Of course I obliged and by the second session I heard him say “math is really fun!”. It was my dreams come true. I was pushing so hard to help him memorize his ‘math facts’ that it took all the fun out of learning for him and she put all the fun back in. Making math fun,is making learning fun which is a lifelong lesson to love learning. Our budget is tight with such a big family, but Shine In is reasonable and worth every penny if it brings not only better math results (test scores from 30′-50’s into 80’s -90’s!) but showing and teaching how math can be fun. I highly recommend Shine In to anyone”

Teresa H., Parent, Woburn:

“My son who is in 5th grade attends the ShineIn Math Academy. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful Madhavi is. She is very kind and caring, but also challenges the children with their math. My son’s math grade has improved and he now enjoys math. This is all thanks to the ShineIn Math program.”

Aparna Balaji, Parent, Billerica:

“We are indeed very happy to see the improvement in our child’s math skills. The progress has also been steady. ShineIn Math has helped in shaping and preparing our child for MCAS and also targets in working ahead of the school curriculum.”

Shalini., Parent, Lexington:

“This summer we were fortunate enough to sign up my son (Archit 8-years old) into Madhavi’s shine in math summer camp. Exceptionally well designed camp, fun, organized and productive. In short she made it learning fun. I respect her approach and interactive style with the kids. My son always looked forward to the next day science project.. It culminated in an amazing skit performed by the kids on the last day of camp. I even enrolled my 10th grader in Shine in math and my daughter loves her teaching style, she is so hands on and always ready to help her. She has boosted my daughters confidence in the subject. I truly adore her for her incredible teaching and personality”

Hanna Luecke, Parent, Burlington:

“I have started sending my children (then age 11 and 16) to Shine in Math classes almost a year ago. We are a busy family with many time constraints and it was amazing how Madhavi has always been able to come up with creative solutions to all our time conflicts and needs, enabling us to get the additional Math instruction for our kids that we wanted. Even more amazing however is the personal interest she takes in the well being of her students sometimes reaching well beyond the math class. She takes plenty of time to talk to the parents and students about their individual situation and tries to accommodate each and everyone in the best way. One can easily tell that her heart is in it and I can wholeheartedly recommend her”

Arti Y, Parent Burlington:

“I had sent my kids to Shine In Math for summer camp this year and they had their best experience so far. Everyday they had something new and exciting to look forward to. There was robotics, dramatics, reading, writing, math and so much more. Along with interesting activities there were very engaging and friendly instructors. Madhavi is really doing a great job here. I will highly recommend this academy for math program and summer camps