Our Team

Madhavi Tarugu ( Director)

Madhavi is An Electronics and Communications Engineer with well over a decade of experience in Hardware and Software fields of Information Technology and a great passion for Teaching and Math. Madhavi Started ShineIn Math Academy in 2011  and has been running it successfully producing exceptional results in the areas of SAT , SSAT,  K-12 Math, Science and English Language Arts education. With her experience in the Technology field, Madhavi forms an innovative curriculum taught at ShineIn Math that is a blend of traditional methods that have been proven great formulas for success and technological resources that are used to their optimal best.
ShineIn Math led by Madhavi has been voted Best Of Burlington two years in a row and students of ShineIn Math have achieved perfect scores in their SAT tests and School tests. Recent achievements of ShineIn students at Math Bee competitions and Strong testimonials about ShineIn Math can be found on the Academy’s  website www.shineinmath.org and on its Facebook page

Amy Baker (Member of  ELA and Summer Camp Faculty)

Mrs. Amy Baker comes with years of experience in teaching and teaches ELA courses leads Summer Camps at Shine In. Mrs.Baker in her own words “ I have spent the past few years working with students at Shine In Academy during summer camps and teaching ELA classes . Activities in summer camps including Math, Writing, Public Speaking, Theater and Creative Arts and Robotics are a unique blend of a well rounded camp curriculum we provide at the Academy. Well-structured English Language Arts classes and the summer camps at Shine In provide me an opportunity to individualize work for students within small groups, which in turn allows me to watch them reach their potential and find AHA moments they don’t always reach in the larger classroom. At the same time our traditional curriculum provides our students with an educational base that so many still need, but aren’t receiving in today’s classroom. I love hearing students come to tell me how they’ve applied what we have done at Shine In, in the classroom and how much it has helped them!”

Colin Piper (Member of ELA Faculty)

Educated in an English Grammar School, Mr. Piper has a passion for passing on his knowledge and love of the English language to his students.  Classes focus on correct grammar, sentence structure, comprehension and development of writing skills, all of which are highly sought after by colleges and employers.   Mr. Piper also works as a full time computer software consultant and lives with his wife and daughter in Woburn, MA.

Martha Simon ( Member of Faculty

Martha Simon has extensive experience teaching students with a broad range of strengths and challenges.  Her passion is to help each student reach his or her potential by developing the academic and social skills they need to be successful.