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Math For Elementary – Middle- High School Students

What We Offer

At Shine In Math Academy, we offer multiple level and topic based Math courses to fit every child’s ability and level. We also offer courses in Science, Technology,  and English Language Arts for all grade school students.

SAT / ACT / SSAT/ HSPT Test Prep Classes

All the Test Prep classes offered at Shine In Math Academy for SAT, SSAT, ACT, Math Bee, Math Olympiad etc. have helped many students improve their test scores by hundreds of points while helping many more reach their perfect scores.

Award Winning Test Prep For SAT / ACT / SSAT/ HSPT

Math, Science and English Language Arts Classes

Math, English Language Arts and Science tutoring classes offered at Shine In also help students in every day class rooms at School exceed their expectations. The advantages of starting Shine In Math Academic courses include but not limited to higher test scores, improved confidence in class room , and getting immersed into the subject while enjoying the process of learning.

All classes are offered in a class room setting.  These intereactive classes provide ample opportunity and encouragement  for every student to learn, ask questions and participate.

The Academy strongly believes in the time-proven principles of class room learning with appropriate usage of electronic resources.  With the understanding and application of the knowledge gained by these methods, students will improve their performance in their school curriculum. This blend used in Shine In class rooms have been helping students of Shine In achieve exceptional results.

Robotics Design, Building and Programming

LEADERS OF TOMORROW Summer Camp With STEM,  Public Speaking, Chess and Theater Arts

A well rounded camp that provides ample opportunity for growth in areas including Academics( Math, Science, Technology and Creative Writing), Personality Development, Leadership Skills and Arts through Public Speaking, Theater and Creative Arts.

Hands On Science

An Emphasis on Science and Technology

Today’s young students will be living and working in a world where technology plays a bigger role than ever before. That is why Shine In Math Academy is focused on recruiting staff who demonstrate a solid background in science and technology skills. We are proud to offer new robotics tutoring programs as well as hands-on science and robotics camps with year-round robotics club meetings.

Small Class Rooms and Individualized Attention

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate, dedicated and knowledgable teachers. Shine In Math Academy prides itself in the quality of our teachers who teach every class with sincere interest and enthusiasm. This is the dedication which sparks the interest and curiosity of our students.

Shine In Math Academy prides itself in creating the right blend of traditional teaching methodology along with modern technology in our classrooms. While we employ traditional styles for all our courses, we also explore state of the art programming concepts and design techniques in our Robotics and Science Clubs.

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